WATCH: Hotel loses power during reporter's live shot

WATCH: Hotel loses power during reporter's live shot

Rain and winds have been pounding nonstop on the city of Gainesville, Florida. It's one of the cities bracing impact from Hurricane Irma.

Chunks of trees made blankets over the road. There is so much debris on the ground, it's not safe to drive, as it's causing flat tires.

Conditions there continued to deteriorate and it's not safe to be outside, let alone travel.

As of 6:30 a.m. CST, Hurricane Irma left nearly 4.6 million customers without power in Florida and Georgia combined. Local 15's Nicole Fierro lost power during her live shot. And just like that, many people staying at the hotel where she was reporting from were instantly without power.

"Oh! We just lost power right now, and did you hear that bang? That bang was another transformer. We've heard three already, this is now four this morning. So we lost power right in the front of the hotel, but inside it looks like there is some you can see things are just developing very fast, not safe conditions right now for anyone to be outside, you know we just lost power in just a second so you don't know what's gonna happen and we're only expecting winds to get worse this morning," Fierro explained.

Some people had driven hours to the city to get away from Irma, so the weather has them uneasy.